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Know the Artist 

Born in India (1998), Maithili Rajput is currently based in Greece, where she works as an independent artist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture and Painting, from Ohio Wesleyan University (2021). She is a multimedia artist working in painting, sculpture, and installation. She has exhibited a solo show at Phoenix Residency, Athens, Greece (2022) and has participated in several group shows, including the Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy (2023); Interactive Art Installations, Museum of Goa, India (2021); Time Will Tell, Sofia, Bulgaria (2021); Unprecedented, Delaware, Ohio (2021); Spring show, Delaware, Ohio (2021)


Her work addresses themes of solitude, self-exploration, social norms, and cultural identity as a woman. She uses her artwork to explore the idea of being an outsider in her personal life and society. As a result, her work tends to be very introspective and reflective. She works with a variety of mediums, creating sculptures and environments in metal, polystyrene, wood, bronze, fabric, and plaster, among other materials. Additionally, she frequently employs symbols and motifs from Indian culture to add another layer of meaning to her artworks. In doing so, she hopes to create a bridge between her own experiences as an Indian woman living in the West and the larger experience of women who are marginalized by society. By appropriating images from life events, she creates new meanings that speak to her hybrid identity while commenting on how these things shape and enrich our lives. 

"My work is based on my experience of being caught between different cultures and trying to find my place within them. I am interested in exploring how my artwork, when grounded in unconventional materials and symbols, can speak to society by situating my practice within global conversations around diverse cultures. Furthermore, I continue to investigate how art may work as a manner of public conversation rather than as a self-contained discipline. I hope to encourage viewers to think about their relationships with themselves and others. Ultimately, it is my goal to create artwork that celebrates the individual spirit while also raising important questions about our shared humanity. "

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